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Mobile phone use is exploding and more people than ever are using their phones to make purchasing decisions. According to one online payment system provider, over 80% percent of Smartphone users read reviews on social media before they make a purchase.

Marketers who ignore social media in their mobile marketing plans do so at their peril.

For the rest of you who know that you need to use social media as part of your mobile marketing strategy, here are some tips for choosing the right social media platform for your mobile marketing.

Tips for choosing the right social media platform

The two most important factors to consider when choosing a social media platform are your audience demographics and your marketing message.

For example, Google + attracts more men than women, Snapchat attracts a young audience, and women are more likely to engage with Pinterest.

The secret to success with mobile marketing is to match your target audience with their preferred social media platform.

In this post we’ll be covering media strategies for some of the most popular social media platforms including Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

We’ll look at target demographics for these platforms and marketing strategies that work well with each.


Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in the world with approximately 2 billion users.  Unlike other social media platforms, facebook users are evenly distributed across gender, age and income levels.

Facebook is a good platform to increase exposure and engage with customers.

Facebook also provides insights into when your followers are online,  find out and post when your users are most active on their mobile devices to maximise your exposure.


Twitter is the fourth most popular social media platform and the second-most recognized. Twitter users are more active than users on other platforms, almost half of its users log on every day. Interestingly, Twitter users also have a higher level of brand loyalty than other social media.

Twitter is a great place to post quick announcements and calls to action.  With its short message length, Twitter is a perfect platform for mobile marketing.


If you have a young audience, ages 13-25, consider using SnapChat. This photo-sharing platform is popular with the younger demographic.

With it’s short, 24-hour life-span and emphasis on images, SnapChat is perfect for flash sales and mobile coupons.


Pinterest offers some of the best results for sales generation, especially if your brand is well-targeted for your particular niche.

Most of Pinterest’s users are women. They make up 84 percent of its audience and 70 percent of its users choose the platform for inspiration when they are ready to make a purchase.


Instagram is a relative newcomer, but it has some things going for it. Seventy one percent of the world’s biggest brands are using Instagram for marketing.  Instagram is closely integrated with Facebook, so marketers who focus on facebook for mobile marketing, should Include Instagram in their mobile marketing plans.


While blogging is not strictly social marketing, it is an extremely important part of most internet marketing strategies. As more people turn to mobile devices, many marketers are turning to mobile blogging, also known as moblogging.

Tumblr just released a new version of its mobile app that lets users edit their blogs and there are also several great WordPress themes designed with mobile blogging in mind.

Moblogging is a great way to stay connected with your audience using imagery and short posts.

Your Audience

Whatever social media platform you choose, it is important to match your social media to your audience. To learn more about your audience, study your website’s demographics using analytics tools.

From there, select several social media platforms and research the demographics for each. If the demographics for your site and a social media platform match, you’ll have a winner.

Lastly, test, test, test. Use coupon codes or other tracking methods to figure out which platforms are bringing you the best results.

Mobile phones are here to stay and the mobile marketing segment is growing by leaps and bounds.

Smart marketers won’t ignore the importance of social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to reach their audiences.

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