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How to choose a domain name and hosting service to help you in your quest as a digital marketer to maximise traffic and conversion on your website or blog.

Your goal when picking a domain name is to choose a name that not only represents your brand and lets people know what you’re about and what’s unique about you, but that also positions your website to influence customers’ minds.

You’ll also want to include keywords in your domain name so that it’s more likely to come up in search engine results when people are searching for a particular phrase that’s also in your domain name.

Tips for choosing a good domain name

The first is to keep it short. Now it might be hard to find a domain name that’s only one word, two words, even three words, but I would go for three if possible, otherwise four.

Keep it memorable, something that’s catchy and is going to stand out in people’s minds that’s not easily confused. Like I said make it clear what you’re all about and what they’re going to get there to the degree that you can, and also something that’s hard to misspell. If it’s a certain word or your last name or some kind of industry jargon, then keep it simple.

Also, it needs to relate to the core of your business. Like I said, it should tell people what you do and what they can expect once you get there. If you do that, you will be more likely to get people typing it in, coming to your site, and they will be a little more pre-qualified and ready to convert once they get there.

Once you’ve brainstormed a couple of suitable domain names, the next step is to search and see if they’re available or if someone else is using them already.

Check if your domain name is available

The easiest way to do this is to not bother checking if they’re available as you’re brainstorming them. Just make a list on a piece of paper as fast as you can of every possible name and variation that would work for you.

Then, go to the same place you would to purchase your domain name. I will give you a couple of places to go later and type in the domain name and see if it’s taken. Narrow it down to see which ones are left and then, of those that are available, pick the perfect one for you.

Choose where to purchase and register your domain name

The most popular domain registrar is You’ve probably seen their commercials. They have done a pretty good job. A lot of complaints though come through them. It’s hard to transfer out later on.

NameCheap are good. The domains are a little bit less, and not as much upselling and confusion when you are in the process of purchasing it in your shopping cart.

And you can also get a domain name through the same company that you use for hosting. We’ll cover those in a minute, but if you’re using Bluehost for hosting for example, you can also purchase a domain name through Bluehost and that could save you some time as you won’t have to transfer the nameservers later, which is a small step but can be confusing at first if you’ve never done it.

Choose a hosting service

So what exactly is this? Well, I won’t bore you too much with the technical details, but long story short, things appear on the internet on certain websites because those websites are hosted and all of the pages and the words and the images and videos are saved somewhere in the cloud using servers like the one you see here in this picture.

So basically you have to pay a certain company a fee each month in order to have your website’s content appear on the page when people go there.

Now here’s a couple of criteria to keep in mind when you’re choosing a hosting company to use. First, look at the price and what you get for the hosting package that you’re ordering, at how much can you save online, how much traffic it can handle.

If it’s just for a small low-traffic website, then just look for something that’s less expensive but also has important features for you to use, something that makes it very easy to upload, new plug-ins for your WordPress site, new content, new videos, easy to give access to someone else, and easy-to-create email addresses and forwarding addresses for your domain name.

Also, how good is their help and support? Do a little research on a company first to find this out. If you run into trouble, will they pick up the phone? Will they get back to you within a day or two and answer any questions you have?

Hosting Companies I’ve used before

Now here’s a couple of hosting companies you can use. offers hosting. In the past, I’ve used Bluehost as it met my needs. They allow for unlimited data storage which is not completely unlimited, but it’s more than you probably need unless you’re a big internet marketer.

You pretty much pay for the whole year in advance and you can host as many domains as you want just with one account. So basically why pay $10 per month per website if you can just pay $120 a year or whatever and have as many websites as you want.

Hostgator is very similar to Bluehost and there are also three new ones on the scene worth looking into:

Just Host, iPage and Arvixe.

Once you’ve got a domain name and hosting set up then it’s time to create your website. Your website is going to be the central place for people to find what you have to offer and make purchases.

It’s very important that your website is set up to be appealing and also influence people to take the actions you want them to take like subscribing or making that purchase.

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  1. Melinda

    I used Bluehost for hosting in the past. I joined Wealthy Affiliate and switched to them for hosting. It is great to have my affiliate training and hosting all in one.

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Melinda,

      I love the Wealthy Affiliate training and hosting also. I still think Bluehost is worth looking into for people outside of affiliate marketing as it worked well for me and others I know.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. Mike

    Thanks for this great resource! I have used bluehost and hostgator in the past. I like bluehost a little more because of their pricing and the fact that they do nickel and dime you. I have a question on picking a domain that i hope you can help with. Actually 2 questions 🙂
    What are your thoughts on the .net and .us domains? Do they work as well as the .com variety?
    Second, what do you think of hyphenated domain names?
    I look forward to hearing back from you,


    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it.

      The .net domain names in my experience do not work aswell as .com. I have always tried to go for a .com domain name as it gets ranked better and looks more like a trusted site.

      Hyphenated domain names do work as long as it is only one hyphen. I have seen domain names with more than one hyphen and they are sometimes hard to pronounce. So if you need to hyphen then just stick to one would be my advice.

      Hope that helps,


  3. Helen

    I am new to the affiliate marketing world so I found your post very informative and I’ve made notes of your suggestions. Thanks.

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Glad you found the article informative and if you need any clarification on your notes then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      All the best and good luck,


  4. ElizabethCa1

    I couldn’t agree more with picking a domain name that represents what you will be getting into once you are on the site. I was very careful when picking mine through Wealthy Affiliate because I wanted to make sure that my domain name reflected me and what I was doing. Very good information and thank you for sharing!

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for your comment.

      It definitely does help when your domain name is your niche. It’s good to brand yourself too but I think that would be better when you are more established as a blogger and marketer, that’s what I am doing anyway.

      Thanks again and all the best,


  5. Andrew

    Hi Tom. Thanks for the clear and concise information. I’m new to the world of building websites so your information has provided a little more clarity on what I have been learning. For this I am grateful.
    Your video is great. Many thanks for sharing.

  6. Veit H. Kölln

    Hey Tom,

    if I was to start as a newbie and wanted to figure out how to come up ith a great domain name, I would really get some great advice out of your post.

    You’re discussing the steps to take and why you need to take them.

    And you’re sharing your personal experience with the reader.

    Reading was fun.


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