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If you want to create content or advertising that drives traffic and results in sales, it helps to understand what motivates people.  Find the right motivation and you’ll be able to create content for your ads and articles that compel people to buy.

This post will look at some psychological triggers that can be used to generate sales and leads.

Learn People’s Needs

Everyone has needs. Tap into a common need and you’ll be able to create content that gets the response you need—whether it’s generating leads, shares, or driving sales.

At the most basic level, all of our behaviour is rooted by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

Promise to relieve some pain or bring pleasure to a customer, and they’ll be compelled to take action.

Keep in mind that these techniques work best when you understand your audience. It’s worth doing some research to find out what motivates them.  You can use surveys, market research, and website analytics to learn more about your audience.

Once you are clear about who they are and what they want, you’ll be able to use psychological triggers to improve your marketing.

People love new things. In fact, scientists have proven that our brains release dopamine when we’re exposed to something new. This is the reason so many companies create new versions of their products so often.

Make some improvements to an existing product and re-release it as new.  Be careful with this technique though. Companies that release new and improved products too frequently risk losing some credibility.

Give People What They Want

Tell them why. People want answers  and are more likely to respond if they are given a reason.  A famous study showed that people  were 34 percent more likely to let someone cut the line  to the copy machine if they were given a reason.

This was true even if the reason was  pretty meaningless , like “ I need to make some copies.” So, if you want people to sign up for a newsletter or webinar, for example, tell them why they should sign up and what they’ll get out of it.

Use Stories

Since the earliest days of mankind, we’ve been telling each other stories. In fact, for thousands of years, storytelling was how we passed information down from one generation to the next.

Stories cut past our rational minds and go straight to our emotions.  We’ll suddenly relate to a person or a product on an emotional level.  This is important because  most of our thinking and decision-making is done on an emotional level.

So, if you are stuck in your content or advertising writing, find a story to tell.

Remember To Keep Things Simple

Also, remember the old saying, “Keep it Simple, Stupid.”  Yes, K.I.S.S. applies to advertising, too.  People are wired to seek the simplest answer  and the fastest solution.

Show your audience how to get the result  they are looking for with an easy and fool-proof solution.  Use terms like system, fast, instant, step-by-step to convey the message that your solution works quickly and easily.

People are attracted to mystery. Our minds become obsessed  with finding the answer to something we don’t know.  Use natural curiosity to entice prospects to sign up for your email list, enroll in your course or buy your information product.

Offer a taste of what your audience will get and then leave a mystery for your audience to solve by taking the action you desire.

Make your customers feel important. All human beings share the need to feel significant in the eyes of others. You can express this in writing, in your advertising copy, and communications with customers.

Perhaps the best way to let your audience know that they are important to you is to offer high-quality  customer service.

These psychological triggers  can be used alone, but are more powerful when they are used together.  Use a story to draw your audience in  and then tell them why they should use your product or service.

If you understand the fears and desires that motivate people,  you can use psychological triggers to entice them to take a desired action.  Do all you can to learn about your target audience. The better you understand your prospects , the more targeted you can make your triggers.

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